Outpatient Services

CABS provides expert assessment and evidence-based treatments, as well as medication management and psychotherapy services.  

The CABS program uses state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments designed to capture a broad spectrum of mental health issues. Our staff is trained to identify mood disorders as well as other emotional and behavioral problems often experienced by children and adolescents. 

Initial assessments are usually conducted over the course of 2 visits; each visit lasts 2-3 hours. The first visit is conducted by a psychiatric nurse or social worker. The second visit also includes a meeting with the psychiatrist who discusses diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. The CABS program provides treatment options of individual psychotherapy, family therapy and medication management.  

Referrals are made to appropriate treatment services based on the outcome of the assessment and the specific needs of the child, adolescent and his or her family. The referral can be made to the CABS program or to another appropriate facility.  

If your child displays symptoms which suggest bipolar disorder and you would like to schedule an appointment, or would like more information, please call one of the numbers below.  

CABS Outpatient Clinic

Inpatient Services

The CABS inpatient unit is an acute care program specializing in the assessment and treatment of adolescents, 13 years or older, who have, or are at risk for, bipolar disorder.  

Our well-trained inpatient team provides comprehensive assessment and effective treatment approaches. The bipolar disorder-specific workbook and mood-monitoring tools, both developed by CABS, are 2 examples of the unique treatment approach utilized on the CABS inpatient unit. Our assessment approach facilitates early and accurate identification of bipolar disorder, as well as other psychiatric disorders.

CABS inpatient also provides consultation for children under the age of 13 who are admitted to other inpatient units.  

Parent support groups and individual family meetings are held in the evening.

For continuity of care, outpatient treatment teams are consulted and detailed reports of our diagnostic assessment and treatment recommendations are shared with the outpatient provider. CABS inpatient and outpatient programs work in tandem to provide the best possible care.  

For more information about inpatient referrals, please call the number below.  

Inpatient Referrals